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About Us

The year 2018 will mark a major milestone in the incredible story of Nelson Mandela, his Centenary. The Nelson Mandela Foundation plans to honour his legacy by building a base toward the future and to work toward building the South Africa its founder Nelson Mandela dreamed of.

We will continue the legacy of Mandela through a number of initiatives, projects and events and strive to complete some of his unfinished dreams. 

In 2017 leading up to the Centenary year we will share with the world Mandela’s memory of which the Foundation is a custodian. We will broaden and deepen knowledge about Mandela and his work, support key projects in the fields of education, community outreach and convene dialogues, particularly around the future we seek to build.

Letters to Madiba

We invite children of primary school age to send handwritten letters to Madiba.

Please upload a photo or a scan of your letter.

Get Involved

As part of Nelson Mandela’s centenary celebration we call on anyone who would like to propose ways to commemorate Madiba to send their ideas to Mandela100@nelsonmandela.org

Involvement is subject to our terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions