Nelson Mandela Foundation

About Notes 1

Resources documenting the life and times of the late Mr Nelson Mandela are to be found in an extraordinary range of locations, both within South Africa and internationally. These resources are embedded in various legal and other jurisdictions. The Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory provides a unique facility which allows people access to this history.


  • Locates, documents, and ensures the preservation of these scattered resources
  • Collects and curates Mr Mandela’s personal archive
  • Promotes public access to these resources and fosters dialogue around them
  • Ensures that all initiatives in the name of Nelson Mandela are true to his legacy

The Centre also seeks to reach both global audiences and those systematically disadvantaged within South Africa by:

  • Undertaking outreach programmes, including travelling exhibitions, books, comic series, and internships
  • Ensuring web-based access to information through its web portal
  • Supporting digitisation initiatives designed to broaden access to resources
  • Facilitating research by individuals and institutions

We believe that the vehicle for sharing this effectively, for growing it, and for engaging it in the promotion of justice, is dialogue. We actively open our work – on the life and times of Mr Nelson Mandela, the events and the people he influenced or was influenced by – to debate and discussion. And we draw on this in convening dialogue on critical social issues that present a threat to justice in society.