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Anti-Rascism Week 14 to 21 March 2017

We do not yet have any definitive answers for eradicating racism in South Africa, but we need a strong commitment to the process of trying to get there. The Anti-Racism Network of South Africa invites you to join us in this commit­ment.

The concept that guides the Anti-Racism week activities in March this year is that of Becoming ... It taps into the emotive aspects of dealing with race and racism in our everyday lives. The campaign concept is not a punitive one, it focuses on not only what we are against (racism), but also on encouraging a pro­active approach to embarking, or continuing, on a process to become something other than what we are now. This journey asks us to begin the difficult but necessary personal, group and national journey it takes to deal with individual and institutional racism in the country. A journey inspired by the possibilities of a better future whilst recognizing that we can only get there by acknowledging and learning from our painful past.

ARNSA encourages diverse and multiple philosophies and practices of fighting racism to become a more just and equal society, please. Join the Become campaign by taking action during Anti-Racism week from 14 to 21 March 2017. Each day during the week focuses on one of the ways of becoming in an anti-racism journey. The day's themes guide the form and focus of the activity you may wish to plan.

Tuesday, 14 March: Be Aware

Wednesday, 15 March: Be Frank

Thursday, 16 March: Be Challenged

Friday, 17 March: Be Conscious

Saturday, 18 March: Be Brave

Sunday, 19 March: Be Just

Monday, 20 March: Be Free

Tuesday, 21 March: Be Come

If you would like to be a part of, or organize an event for one of the days of the week please contact Sean Moodley on for further information.

Campaign hashtags: #become #takeOnRacism

Download: About the Becoming Campaign